Neil Gaiman

Who Are You…

No, this is not about Doctor Who, but The Who. Seeing them perfrom live (or what’s left of them) at the “The Big Game” brought back some memories of The Who, pretty much my favorite band of all time. I first really became aware of The Who during the summer of 1969 when Pinball Wizard […]

Congrats to Neil and Amanda

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer announced that they are going to tie the not. See the announcement on Neil’s blog. In honor of the occasion, here’s Amanda singing “I Google You”, written by Neil Gaiman, at the San Diego Women’s Club benefit for the CBLDF during ComicCon last July that I got to see.

Books Out Now Worth Getting if You’re Young or Old

This week sees the release of two “children’s” books by two popular SF/F authors, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. You’ve probably seen more about Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book than Terry Pratchett’s Nation. Between Neil’s own online journal and a nationwide book tour that started at the National Book Festival (where you can see video […]

SDCC Coraline Figures

One of the things somewhat hidden at San Diego Comic Con this year was a display at the NECA Booth. This article at the LA Times talks about them a bit, but doesn’t really give you a good look at them. The movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is being done in stop motion by […]

NeilCon, or the Neil Gaiman Subset of ComicCon International 2007

As I’ve seen mentioned a few times, the San Diego Comic Con International is so big that you basically need to decide what convention you want to make for yourself. This year, I elected to make my Comic Con experience focus on Neil Gaiman. I didn’t see everything he was one, but made it a […]