A Package Arrived Today….

A couple of days ago, I filled out a form, promising that I would keep certain information to myself and not divulge anything about the last fifteen minutes of what I was going to see because I filled out the special document. So, was it a secret government document I was being entrusted with? No, […]

Battlestar Galactica: What the Frak?

If you need to catch up on the first three seasons of Battlestar Galactica to getr eady for the fourth, here’s your chance in this video similar to the recent one done for Lost… For more Galactica videos (including snippets from the Battlestar Galactica Revealed special airing on Friday, March 28th, visit the official SciFi […]

Caprica Pilot, BG Webisodes, New Scare Tactics, Alice Miniseries

The Scifi Channel had their upfront presentation last night and announced a bunch of things coming up soon and in development. I’ll summarize the highlights with links to the press releases at the NBC Universal Media Village SciFi page. The Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica, has been given the greenlight for a two hour backdoor pilot. […]

SFTV Roundup & News Tidbits for December 2007

Stardust DVD First of all, the DVD for Stardust is released this week. Pick it up at the SFTV Amazon Store in regular DVD or in HD DVD. If you saw it in the theatre, you will likely be picking this up. If you didn’t get around to seeing it, you should definitely pick it […]

Biggest Shock of the Day!

No, I’m not talking about seeing who lived and died on Heroes (or who got better), I’m talking about this press release from SciFi Channel. The first part of the Tin Man miniseries set records for the SciFi Channel, beating out Taken and anything else that has ever aired on the channel. Whether they will […]

Bloodsuckers, Zombies, and Horror/SciFi Film Festival

Blood Ties Is Back. First up, this weekend is the return of Blood Ties to Lifetime on Friday night at 11 pm ET/PT, following their new psychic shows. This is the back half of the first season production order of 22 episodes. Lifetime originally committed to 13 episodes when they aired it back in March […]

SFTV Network Ratings Update

The second week of the new season has come and gone and none of the new genre shows have been cancelled yet! That doesn’t mean that a few dropped off a bit in the second week and they better not keep sliding, though. First up, NBC’s SciFi Monday has some legs, although Journeyman’s are getting […]

SFTV Catchup

A few various things from the last week to catch up with…. SciFi Channel Roundup Jane Cancelled, Flash Debut So-So, Fall dates for BG: Razor and Atlantis, NBC repurposing The SciFi Channel announced that they will not be renewing Painkiller Jane for a second season due to low ratings. They will continue to run the […]

The Day of Reckoning, or Not.

There’s several things of importance happening today or have happened in the past… First up, Stardust! The movie adapation of Stardust, the illustrated novel by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess, is released to theatres today. There’s been a lot of preview screenings including the one I attended in San Diego during ComicCon and there’s been […]