Blood Ties

Bloodsuckers, Zombies, and Horror/SciFi Film Festival

Blood Ties Is Back. First up, this weekend is the return of Blood Ties to Lifetime on Friday night at 11 pm ET/PT, following their new psychic shows. This is the back half of the first season production order of 22 episodes. Lifetime originally committed to 13 episodes when they aired it back in March […]

SFTV Catchup

A few various things from the last week to catch up with…. SciFi Channel Roundup Jane Cancelled, Flash Debut So-So, Fall dates for BG: Razor and Atlantis, NBC repurposing The SciFi Channel announced that they will not be renewing Painkiller Jane for a second season due to low ratings. They will continue to run the […]

SFTV News Roundup

Schedules Updated The SFTV Schedules have been updated and can be viewed by the direct links. The Upcoming listing isn’t quite done yet and hasn’t been emailed out but will be soon.Galactica Renewal The SciFi Channel has renewed Battlestar Galactica for a fourth season. Instead of 20 episodes, they committed to a minimum of 13 […]