Doctor Who

A New Pos! and a New Doctor!

Yes, trying to get back into the habit of posting to this blog hasn’t been easy. So, here’s a short post to get things rolling… Doctor Who – The End of Time. Right now, BBC America’s having obtained first run rights to Doctor Who is really paying off. Their broadcast of The Waters of Mars […]

Doctor Who News, Rumors and all sorts of stuff

OK, there’s been lots and lots of Doctor Who related news, rumours and what not in the last few weeks. It’s made the usual rounds on the internet and in the British papers. Partick Stewart, Tom Baker, Sean Pertwee, Zygons, Ice Warriors, Neil Gaiman, and Paul McGann have all been mentioned. Some of it is […]

One more quick UK update with a couple of pictures…

For the last week I’ve been in the UK and got to see some of the sights in London, go to the Doctor Who Exhibition at Earls Court, attend the Discworld Convention in Birmingham. Here’s a quick picture update… The Model of Big Ben used for Doctor Who on display at the Doctor Who Exhibition. […]

The Deadline for voting in The Hugo Awards is coming up and I thought I’d take a look at the Dramatic Presentation Categories, starting with the Dramatic Presentation Short Form categorie. In the Dramatic Presentation Short Form category, we’ve got the following: Doctor Who: Human Nature/Family of BloodDoctor Who: BlinkTorchwood: Captain Jack HarknessBattlestar Galactica: Razor […]

Catching Up a Bit, TV & Doctor Who News

Catching Up I’m getting caught up a bit, between LepreCon 34, going back to Kansas for my father’s funeral, and bringing a nasty cold back from Kansas, I’ve not been keeping up with a lot of stuff, including the SFTV Blog. I have gotten the SFTV Schedules updated, including schedule information for the new NBC […]

Gallifrey One’s Nineteenth Symphony: Opus 2008

This looks like it was the year that the newer members of Doctor Who fandom made their presence felt. This year’s Gallfrey One convention (the 19th) was the largest one ever, with 1080 members, besting its prior record by 270. There were a lot of first time attendees, many of us regular attendees and a […]

Gallifrey and All That

A quick post as I’m catching up on things following a fast weekend in Los Angeles for the 19th edition of Gallifrey One, the annual Doctor Who convention in the L.A. area. This year’s convention was their largest attendance ever, at 1080, 270 more than their previous record last year. Since the LAX Marriott handles […]

This is a test of Hulu

I’ve signed up for Hulu‘s beta. It is a new video sharing site where studios will be making complete episodes and other clips available to share. I thought this clip from the Pilot for The Invisible Man is a good place to start with the Doctor Who references.