Gallifrey One

A New Post of Sorts

Been keeping busy getting things ready for the Phoenix ComiCon next weekend and also trying to keep up with various other things. So here’s a few random things to post here… James Moran has posted his 2008 Gallifrey One Report which is a lot of fun to read. James was a lot of fun to […]

Sarah Jane comes to SciFi

Tonight is the debut of The Sarah Jane Adventures on SciFi. What SciFi won’t tell you is that it is a show made for younger viewers to watch and that is not a bad thing in this case. The show is somewhat simpler in plot and lighter in tone than the current Doctor Who but […]

Gallifrey One’s Nineteenth Symphony: Opus 2008

This looks like it was the year that the newer members of Doctor Who fandom made their presence felt. This year’s Gallfrey One convention (the 19th) was the largest one ever, with 1080 members, besting its prior record by 270. There were a lot of first time attendees, many of us regular attendees and a […]

Gallifrey and All That

A quick post as I’m catching up on things following a fast weekend in Los Angeles for the 19th edition of Gallifrey One, the annual Doctor Who convention in the L.A. area. This year’s convention was their largest attendance ever, at 1080, 270 more than their previous record last year. Since the LAX Marriott handles […]