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Sarah Jane comes to SciFi

Tonight is the debut of The Sarah Jane Adventures on SciFi. What SciFi won’t tell you is that it is a show made for younger viewers to watch and that is not a bad thing in this case. The show is somewhat simpler in plot and lighter in tone than the current Doctor Who but […]

Doctor Who & Sarah Jane on SciFi details

The April cable information site PDF is now online for SciFi. They’ve tried to keep it from us, but changing the “3” to a “4” gives me the new one at…th_4_feed1.pdf They have also updated the Schedulebot with the preliminary April information. As expected, Dr. Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures will be on […]

Gallfirey One This Weekend

The 18th edition of the Gallifrey One convention happens this weekend in Los Angeles. I’ll be there as usual (I haven’t missed one yet). Lots of Doctor Who guests including writers (Paul Cornell, Steven Moffat, Tom McRea) and a director (James Strong) from the new series. There will also be plenty of guests from the […]