A New Post of Sorts

Been keeping busy getting things ready for the Phoenix ComiCon next weekend and also trying to keep up with various other things. So here’s a few random things to post here…

James Moran has posted his 2008 Gallifrey One Report which is a lot of fun to read. James was a lot of fun to talk to at the con and I enjoyed getting his point of view on it (finally!) Incidentally, the 2009 Gallifrey One convention is less than a month away now!

Coraline, the movie, based on the Neil Gamain story is coming out in a couple of weeks. They’ve been sending out special boxes to bloggers, but so far I haven’t seen one. I guess I should have posted more about the movie beyond my 2008 San Diego ComicCon post of images of the dolls or my 2007 Neil Gaiman SD Comicon report which included the screening of Coraline footage. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Evil Buttons blog about special Coraline stuff being sent out or made available. I’ve been also trying to get one of the Coraline Keys up on Ebay (since so far that I know of, none have been distributed in Phoenix and so far, none have been provided to the Phoenix ComiCon. I was able to get three of the four Coraline toys available at Carl’s Jr.

For the Phoenix ComiCon, I’ve been working with Wil Wheaton to set up a Rock Band Blowout with Wil, some of the other guests, and fans playing Rock Band together.

Battlestar Galactica – Catch the Frak UP & New Webisodes

The last half of the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica begins on SciFi on January 16th. You can Catch the Frak Up! with the below embedded video and also catch new webisodes over the next few weeks bridging the two season halves.

SciFi.com is releasing new Battlestar Galactica: Face of the Enemy webisodes as a lead up to the resumption of the 4th and final season of Battlestar Galactica. SciFi is also releasing enhanced webisodes with commentary by writer Jane Espenson. They are also being made available on Hulu.com and I have linked the first three below:

Webisode 1

Webisode 2

Webisode 3

Babylon 5 Music Videos Now Available

Back in the day, whenever J. Michael Straczynski made a convention appearance about Babylon 5, he’d usually open with a music video done by John Hudgens, and his Z Team Productions, Aside from a couple of early ones that ended up on some bootleg tapes, they’ve never really been available to watch online before. Now, with the permission of jms, John has made available the music videos on You Tube at The Z Team You Tube page.

I’ve enjoyed seeing them at the cons and its great to be able to see them again!

Catching Up After LosCon, Blood on the Satellite of Love

Still catching up a bit following LosCon. Still need to write up a report or two to go with the pictures. I did get the SFTV Schedule lists updated! Lots of changes coming up in the network schedules.

Typing has been slowed down a bit by a cut index finger that happened when I was opening the tin case for the MST3K 20th Anniversary collectors edition. Be careful opening up the back of it to free Tom Servo from his cage! Wow! In putting in the link to Amazon.com, I realized that it is now worth a lot more than what I paid for it at Borders with my 40% off coupon earlier in the week… Maybe I should auction it off complete with blood stains?

LosCon 35 Report is forthcoming. In the meantime, here’s some pictures…
Some SF TV & FIlm Writers

Jane Espenson
John Scalzi, Bacon Cat, and Wil Wheaton

Scalzi’s Ribbons

Closing Ceremonies with Double Doubles

A COnjunction on the trip home.

Star Trek The Exhibition Comes to Phoenix

Star Trek: The Exhibiton opened in Phoenix at the Arizona Science Center this past weekend. I’ve put together a report on the United Federation of Phoenix web site. Also reporting on it is Trek Movie Report and Nerdvana.

I Want to be Elected!

Yes, I have the original CD.


Then there’s this guy named Alice that seems to have also done the song with its own primitive music video….

It’s Time to Get Political….

I have that same poster set (but alas, I only have five of the original six).

You want a candidate That’s a War Hero?

Or Someone who’s a real team player?

Or a female candidate with some spunk?

Or someone to help you feel secure about the future?

Or someone who’s experienced with dealing with obstacles?

The Choice is yours!

Doctor Who News, Rumors and all sorts of stuff

OK, there’s been lots and lots of Doctor Who related news, rumours and what not in the last few weeks. It’s made the usual rounds on the internet and in the British papers. Partick Stewart, Tom Baker, Sean Pertwee, Zygons, Ice Warriors, Neil Gaiman, and Paul McGann have all been mentioned. Some of it is rubbish, some of it may happen, some of it may end up not happening. I have no sources (or those that I have emails for I’m not going to email them and ask what’s true or not).
Of late, things have focused on who will be the Doctor after David Tennant leaves?
Even The Doctor Who News at Outpost Gallifrey has avoided some of these, but the spoiler threads on the Doctor Who Forum have been very active (and likely the fodder for some of the news articles). The Thoughts in Time and Space blog by Eddie has broken some of the rumors and also pointed out some that were intentional leaks to help them find out who some of their leaks are.
So, according to some people (Rich Johnston in his Lying in the Gutters column), “Paterson Joseph as the prime suspect” for the next doctor and Rich has a link to a video clip from Neverwhere that has Paterson pretty much channeling The Doctor in his role as the Marquis in Neverwhere (written by Neil Gaiman and inspired by Hartnell and Pertwee). A SciFi Wire article on the subject also appeared.
However, Eddie is still insisting that Marc Warren and Sean Pertwee (Jon Pertwee’s son) are near the top of the running for the 11th Doctor. Marc Warren most notably was Teatime in the Hogfather movie., and played Dracula in the 2006 TV movie and Elton Pope in the Love and Monsters Doctor Who episode.

Sean Pertwee has been in a lot of stuff over the years, genre and otherwise. In actuality, ten years ago, when we were still reeling from the FOX movie, I saw a movie called Stiff Upper Lips in which Pertwee had a role as George (the dashing young man of sorts) and a pretty silly send up of the Merchant Ivory films (I actually saw it in a theatre in Los Angeles when I was out there for a training session). I could see a bit of his father in that role and thought at the time “too bad the movie tanked, he might make a good Doctor if it ever came back”. For a look at a recent picture of Pertwee, this Sun article from November 2007 talks about his desire to play the role.
As indicated in one of the articles on Eddie’s blog, Steven Moffat, as he deftly detailed in Silence in the Library, really doesn’t like spoilers. But, we’ve definitely got a few more episodes with David Tennant, and likely a full season after the set of specials in the next year, so lets maybe get a chance to see those before we find out about what’s happening afterwards.

Misc SF TV Stuff

We’re most of the way into the new fall season with a couple of things left to debut. Here’s a few notes about the season so far….

Heroes – NBC is hoping the ratings will return to former heights. Not sure if the time travel and jumping around is doing much for casual viewers.

Chuck – Still good, but not drawing in the numbers. However, NBC is hurting all over the place and already gave the show a full season order.

Knight Rider – About as expected. Ratings have been soft but NBC appears to be sticking with it for now.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has not done very well opposite the Dancing with the Stars juggernaut (which also hasn’t helped Chuck or Heroes) and if things don’t pick up after the baseball pre-emptions, it may get terminated.

Life on Mars versus Eleventh Hour – In the battle of the Brit adaptations, both did about the same overall in the ratings with their debuts but Life on Mars held on to much more of its lead-in ratings (77% vs 49%) than Eleventh Hour.

Star Wars Clone Wars did very well for Cartoon Network and Sanctuary debuted very well for SciFi. Lets see how they hold up on a week to week basis.

Returning show The Ghost Whisperer has held up with ratings similar to what it did in the past however ABC’s Pushing Daisies is definitely down from its first season (but ABC’s entire Wednesday is down across the board).

Fringe has done well for FOX and is holding on to most of the House audience (although House is down without American Idol as a lead-in) and The Mentalist has drawn big numbers of viewers for CBS (but Fringe is still beating it in the demos). Also doing well for HBO (and getting a second season order) is True Blood, which has helped to bring all of Charlaine Harris’s novels onto the top 20 besteller paperback lists.

Over in the UK, the debut of Merlin has done well for the BBC, with the ratings having gone up despite some really tough competition from ITV. Sarah Jane has also returned to Children’s BBC and is doing comparable to what it did in the first series.

Still to come (as I type this) is My Own Worst Enemy on NBC, the Return of Eli Stone on ABC, and Crusoe on NBC. Crusoe actually looks like it might turn out pretty good. It is being show run by Stephen Gallagher, who created Eleventh Hour, and also has James Moran (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Law and Order: London) contributing an episode.

At the start of November is the debut of Legend of The Seeker, based on the Terry Goodkind series of novels starting with Wizard’s First Rule.

I’ve limited the number of links here since the last time I put a bunch of links into a post, Google blocked my acces so they could determine if it was a spam blog or not, but you can get to official show pages and schedule links via the SFTV Schedules page.